The Vintage Appeal of Filigree Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is not just about the diamond or whatever precious stone is on it. What completes the beauty of an engagement ring is the whole design of the ring itself. If you’re looking for a ring to give for your wedding proposal, you may want to go for an intricate, unique and delicate metalwork on the band. This kind of jewelry and design is known as filigree.


Getting To Know Filigree Jewelry

Filigree is an artistic and delicate arrangement of jewelry design that incorporates twisted threads and lace-like designs on the metalwork of a specific jewelry, that is either made in gold or silver. The word filigree is derived from the two Latin words, “filum”, meaning wire or thread and granum, which means “grain”. It is then understandable why the motif of filigree Diamond Filigree Engagement Ringjewelry consists the look of tiny beads and delicate lace patterns, further creating an impression of a vintage appeal that most women nowadays find very fashionable.

People, especially women who have classic taste, would definitely want to wear any type of filigree jewelry. Imagine a woman who likes the intricacy of this type of jewelry, and she then receives it as an engagement ring from the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Such feeling would probably be incomparable.

Filigree engagement rings enhance the beauty of any ring design. The filigree’s artistic pattern is in itself enough to make the ring shine on any woman’s finger.

The vintage characteristic present in any filigree jewelry is not just used as the jewelry industry’s marketing strategy. It is in fact an authentic vintage pattern that can be traced back, as far as the 6th to 3rd century BC. Traces of filigree patterns are present in non-jewelry items present in the Louvre, The British Museum or any other popular museum for that matter.

There are many important items in history owned by great men and women, like vases, trophies, buttons, bowls and many more, that are mostly filigree-inspired. Because of the beauty of these items, you can understand why vintage design jewelry, especially the filigree pattern, has become a major part of the art of jewelry design all over the world, including but definitely not limited to engagement rings alone.


Popular Filigree Rings and Styles

Here are three of the most popular styles of filigree engagement rings. Filigree is not only good for weddings and engagements. They are also the best rings to pass on to daughters, and grand daughters because of their antique and vintage quality that seems to tell a story.

  • Filigree Diamond Ring – It does not matter how many carats are on top of the filigree-inspired band. This style of ring is perfect as the kind you give as an engagement ring.
  • Precious Stones Filigree Ring – One great thing about filigree rings is that not only a diamond stone goes perfectly with it. Not surprisingly, other precious stones, like sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, amethyst and others are all perfect matches with the filigree pattern. These precious stones actually add more drama, more history and create the perfect vintage look on the ring, which is not only perfect as a symbol for engagement, but for those who like their jewelry with an antique feel and class.
  • Filigree Wedding Band – Ok, this isn’t technically an engagement ring.  But many women these days don’t have two separate rings.  Instead, they select one ring as their engagement ring and wedding band.  This style is for couples who want to do away with the typical wedding band designs. A filigree wedding band can be the fitted style, with designs of milgrain and swirls, or paved with small diamonds.

Diamond Sapphire Filigree Engagement RingWhere To Find Filigree Engagement Rings

Vintage style engagement rings have a different feel to it. If you’re a man about to propose to the woman you love, giving a filigree ring means that you have put some effort and creativity on deciding what ring to give. If you’re a woman who becomes the recipient of the ring, you can’t help but imagine the many beautiful love stories in history, that such a ring has become part of.

There are two ways you can find a filigree-inspired or vintage ring. One is the hard way, which is to scour in antique shops and try your luck in finding the perfect vintage ring.  You can also find antique ones in estate sales.

Another is to go with new rings that still have vintage and filigree designs. You can usually find these at famous jewelry companies or jewelers. Most of them can even be found online.